Tech.Splice (sociology, art, music, history, environment, research, community, healthcare, geography, childhood development, education, visual, anthropology, land management, urban studies, psychology, criminology, nutrition, cultural studies, biology, politics, and so so so much more)

The Passion

I've chosen to offer exposure to this topic because I am very passionate about both technology and the social sciences. I believe that most people have a natural talent for creativity, and that so much of it is discouraged throughout our formal educational paths. There is a place for history, philosophy, sociology, visual arts, marketing, etc within the tech industry, and the Tech.Splice website aims to explore this idea in depth.  


The Goal

To create a place for conversation and innovation. The blog posts offer opinions from myself and contributors, news, events, and information about how you can become involved in your community. 

Also, I would like to create a large social network in the Albuquerque area and one day host an ideas conference. I have directed a conference for ASNM*, and I feel that many of New Mexico's interesting people would gladly come together to discuss and share ideas regarding a multi-disciplinary approach towards the computer sciences. 

 *ASNM = Archaeological Society of New Mexico

The Author

My name is Laurie Dudasik. I recently graduated with a B.S. in Anthropology/Archaeology. However, my first "what-do-I-want-to-be-when-I-grow-up" dream was to be an astronomer. This later changed to software engineer in high school. Then when it came time to begin college, I was encouraged by an advisor to not pursue programming (something about being a girl and how much I'd hate it). So I acknowledged my love of computers with an Associate's degree in Digital Media Design instead. Now I work as a Geospatial Analyst which combines visual creativity, an understanding of the end user's needs, and human behavior across the landscape with information technology, software development, and AWESOME computer-based equipment.